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  1. Hi Fred,

    I’d check your spam for the welcome email. That being said, you can just log in with the username and password you chose during the sign-up period. I don’t see you as an active member in my back office.

  2. I joined Auto Profit Machine yesterday, but cannot log in, and did not get a welcome e-mail. help? do you talk to Max?
    please advise,
    Fred Schwegel login a.k.a Fredjacobs1

  3. Send Out Cards is definitely a legit biz op with a terrific product. It’s not a business I’m interested in personally but, like anything else, you can make money with it if you know how to market it!

  4. I wanted to know what you thought of Sendout cards. Have you ever looked at them?

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with the $2k “guarantee” but it certainly sounds like someone’s doing some smoke blowing! I’m not sure how they can guarantee anything. Too bad you left One24. They’ve put their issues and IT glitches behind them!

  6. Hey Steve,

    What’s your opinion on the EssanteTeamBuilder? I was wondering if you think the $2k guarantee with ETB is something that will actually happen for everyone, or if you think they’re just blowing smoke.

    I used to be a member of One24, but whenever they started having the autoship and billing problems for quite some time, I switched to ETB.

  7. Hey Kim,

    Is Ignite affiliated with Ambit Energy? I did a review of Ambit. I believe that it’s a legitimate business. The issue that I have with Ambit is that they’re only in a few states. That’s great if you just want to build a local business, but if you want to leverage the internet to build your business it limits you. Just my 2 cents!

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