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start-a-home-based-businessMany start a home based business with one goal in mind…to make a LOT of money! The MLM websites make it seem easy, like it won’t take any work. You know what I mean – just get 2 who get 2 who get 2 etc. They make it seem like it’ll be as easy as taking candy from a baby (which I would never do btw :)). Let’s be honest, nobody would ever open up a franchise or start a “normal” business without a business plan but it happens constantly with home businesses.

In network marketing, it’s very easy to start a home based business. People pay their start-up cost and now they are “in business”. That’s it! You don’t need to incorporate. You don’t need to find office space or build. There’s little to no overhead and the cost for admission is affordable for the masses. But what now?

Generally, it ends there. Some will talk to some of their friends and family and get shot down but most will do nothing because they have no idea what they should do. They don’t have a plan, they start to think that they got in over their heads, and they quit after a few months. That’s the vicious cycle of MLM.

I wanted to talk to you today about keeping your eye on the target or end-goal. It’s cool to have a goal of “making a lot of money” (although I’d recommend being more specific!) but you need to break your target-goal down into smaller, quickly achievable goals in order to experience success and stay motivated. This is extremely important to do when you start a home based business. While it may be simple to start a home based business, to run a successful one requires the same skills that running any successful business requires.

I learned long ago to set little goals, achieve them, and keep progressing to my end goal. It’s also important to be realistic when setting your goals. If you are brand new to network marketing, saying you’re going to recruit 1 person per day into your business is not realistic. BUT, 1 per week is a good aggressive goal to have. It’s like if you were just starting college today and you were one of those new deer-in-the-headlights freshman! You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and graduate, right! It’s going to take 4 years and you are going to have to complete certain assigned tasks (ie. goals) in order to do so.

When I first got started, and decided that I would market my business online, I knew that the money was in the list. Building a list was not my end goal but rather an on-going operation that is still part of my overall business plan. My goal was to make sure I generated AT LEAST 1 lead every single day. It’s easy for me now but in the beginning it was not. And, it was a real feeling of satisfaction when I did it!

Simple goals – how many leads do you need to generate to get a sign-up into your business? If the number is 35, and you want to sign up 1 person per week, then you need to generate 5 leads per day. Then you can focus on what you need to do to generate 5 leads per day. Once that becomes easy for you, you can crank it up and re-adjust your goal.

If you’re looking to start a home based business and want to do it the right way…

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