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I always like to have my finger on the pulse of the industry and participate in forums and other social media. I like to help others where I can. More than ever before, and I think it’s because there are so many people entering the home-based business industry due to our current economic conditions,  I just read a post recently that read like this:

“OK, now that I have my system set-up, how should I start marketing so that I can begin generating leads?”

Sound familiar? This may be a thought that you have or a thought that many in your downline have. It is a major issue in our industry and keeps people from making the money that they could and should make. Network Marketing is not a complicated business. Recruit people and have them recruit people and everyone’s happy. If it were only that easy!

What I want to do with this article is just outline a few marketing strategies that I recommend for getting started marketing online. This article is geared to the new or struggling network marketer, who wants to do well but just isn’t sure how. Don’t worry…we’ll have you quickly generating home based business leads in no time! You can also read my “Newbies Guide To Building Your Network Marketing Business” for additional ideas.

Create Your Brand=> I feel that it is very important, when marketing online, to create your image or personal brand (This is commonly referred to as “Attraction Marketing”). So, that when people Google you to learn more about you before joining your business or purchasing a product from you, they are presented with a reason to to business with you. To quickly create your image, you should minimally create a blog, and get a Facebook and Twitter account.

Having a blog and using social media will not generate immediate leads for you but will over time. And, the leads generated from this type of marketing will be solid. I’m pretty excited that my blog just received a terrific review from The Best Blog Review (I guess hard work does pay off)! You can read the review HERE.

Now, let’s get to how to start driving those leads to your site fast…

  • Email Marketing: This is the way for most, in my opinion, because it is cheap!, Email marketing is the best way for you to QUICKLY generate home based business leads when marketing online. Believe it or not, email marketing still works very well and is the most cost effective strategy. Depending on the type of business or product you are promoting will determine the exact sites that you should join for your email marketing campaigns. There are tons of different sites out there including ad exchanges, safelists, FFA sites, and E-Zines that will allow you to email your ad to their membership base. Join a couple everyday. You’ll find the ones that work for you and which ones don’t. All you do is write your email ad, include your link to your site, and push send. You will start receiving leads immediately. I recommend everyone, especially new marketers or budget conscious marketers, use this strategy daily to build your downline. It works!
  • Pay-Per-Click: This strategy, although it is not cheap and it’s recommended that you have a good idea of what you are doing before running a PPC campaign, will generate you targeted leads very quickly as well. Pay-Per-Click are the “Sponsored” search engine ads (the ads on the right side and top of the page when you do a search). People pay Google or Yahoo a fee every time one of their ads are clicked. There is a ton of information online on how to effectively run PPC campaigns, and Perry Marshall is considered to be the leading authority on this strategy. He offers some great information for free, including a 5-day email course and his Adwords Cheatsheat.

Email Marketing and Pay-Per-Click are the Top 2 Marketing Strategies, in my opinion, to quickly generate home based business leads. To learn these strategies and many other home based business lead generation strategies that you can begin implementing in your business TODAY…START GENERATING LEADS FAST!!

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