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PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 14, 2012 –
Steve Hawk has just launched his new venture, Top Tier Marketing Pro, and the website looks slick!

“The idea is to help people to learn about a little known segment of the home based business industry called Top Tier. In my opinion, these types of businesses offer the average person looking to make money from home a MUCH better chance of success than joining an MLM opportunity”, Steve told us from his home office in NY.

The Top Tier business model is pretty simple and is more dependent on YOUR EFFORTS than hoping that others will produce for you to earn. The cost to start a top tier business is higher than joining an MLM but is much less expensive than starting a traditional business or buying a franchise. You’re typically looking at needing to spend over $1000 to get started with a reputable top tier business that can produce the income that’s desired.

“What I’ve seen in my years in the industry is that most people get involved in a home business BECAUSE they are looking to either make extra money or they need to replace lost income. And, they need the money NOW! BUT they end up joining the wrong business model. What typically happens is they join an MLM business, either because a friend recommended it or they believed the hype on the website that it’ll make them rich.

The problem is that MLMs require that you recruit a ton of people to make any money. This is what the company’s don’t really tell you. And they don’t talk about the attrition issues and the fact that only 1 out of every 10 people you recruit will ever do any work and bring people in themselves.

To make a $10,000 per month income in MLM would require that you have somewhere between 3,000 – 5,000 people in your organization. With our business model, we’re realistically looking at 3 sales per month will put you over the 10K per month level.

That’s an income that is life-changing for most people and is the benchmark that we teach. This is one of the primary reasons that we highly recommend that people looking to make money from home at least take a look at the Top Tier segment of our industry and of course, we have a recommended program that we think is the best top tier program out there and we help people with should they join.”

To get more information on Top Tier Marketing Pro and the Top Tier business model, go to

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