STIFORP Review – All The MLM Tools A Marketer Could Want!

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I have to be honest, I’ve been seeing people advertising Stiforp all over the internet for the past month or so but stayed away. I wasn’t interested in another business opportunity and I certainly wasn’t going to promote something that would conflict with my business relationship with My Lead System Pro. How could I or why would I recommend a site that potentially could take sign-ups away from me in MLSP, right?

Well, I did end up joining STIFORP (Profits spelled backwards in case you were wondering!) and I wanted to share with you my rationale as well as to provide you with a STIFORP Review from someone who is a straight shooter. I also recorded a video of my back office and the STIFORP MLM Tools that are included in your membership. I’m not going to go into depth into the comp plan or business opportunity side with this STIFORP Review

First of all, STIFORP is really geared to the masses – new or inexperienced marketers who are looking to make a few bucks online. With your $9.95 per month membership you are provided with the essential tools of the trade such as Lead Capture Pages – with Flash Videos and Video Spokesmodels, Banners, Auto-Responders (I pay $70 per month just for my aweber to give you an idea of what a steal STIFORP is), Conference Call Bridge for up to 100 people, Marketing Training, and more.

It really compliments My Lead System Pro, which is more geared to Attraction Marketing, and in my mind doesn’t conflict at all.

When building a downline, an important part of being a leader is being able to give your new sign-up a path to success. By being able to refer them to a site where they can get all the tools necessary to build their business (or most of the tools anyway), you can bring value while at the same time adding an additional revenue stream to your business. I think the tools that STIFORP provides will immediately accelerate the development of yourself and your downlines and help them to start generating leads and making money faster so they’ll stick around AND they’ll be able to refer their sign-ups to STIFORP and generate additional income for themselves…and so on. This is what ownership is hoping will happen and I can see it.

My only concern is that the cost is so low I am hoping that their business model is sustainable. It is certainly based on having a large membership base and having little turnover. We’ll see if they can last long-term.

Here’s a video of my back office showing some of the tools you’ll receive if you join…

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5 thoughts on “STIFORP Review – All The MLM Tools A Marketer Could Want!

  1. While the biggest focus of our awesome tools is to help you EXPLODE your primary business opportunity to the NEXT LEVEL, you will want your new team members to have access to the same powerful tools that YOU used to build YOUR TEAM.

    Because of that, we have put together a POWERFUL compensation plan to help you earn even MORE.

    In fact, you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person!

  2. Hi Kathy – I left STIFORP recently because I wasn’t personally using the products (I create my own capture pages and already have an autoresponder account). While STIFORP is a good concept, I think it’s best for long-term success to just get your own A/R and learn to create your own capture pages (it’s not that hard :)).


  3. Steve, I’m not surprised about the spillover. I’ve been burned with that promise a few times. Do you think it’s worth it just for the tools?

  4. Graysen,

    It’s not my system. I was an affiliate but am no longer associated with the program. I personally saw no spillover or compression when I was a member.


  5. I wrote the following email and never got a return. maybe you can help me understand how the system works.

    I am a bit confused about your system. A forced matrix would normally place people left to right until that level is filled and then proceed to the next level down. You state that three people will be placed under me which seems to break the force matrix in that if you kept your promise they would each have three people which would also follow under me and it would go on for infinity. also nothing is ever mentioned about compression when someone drops out. Could you please explain to me how this all works.


    Graysen Blackwell

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