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MLM Leads

I wanted to piggy back on my post last week regarding the advantages of using a blog pop-up to generate more MLM leads for your network marketing business. To show you how powerful using a pop-up CAN be if done properly, below is a snapshot of my Aweber account from today (12/7/11). You can’t see that I generated a total of 32 leads yesterday (5.05% of total traffic of 633 visitors – see below for my eCourse on how to convert your blog into a Lead Generation Machine!)…BUT you can see that 18 of them came from my blog pop-up! That’s 56% of my total leads!

MLM Leads

So I wanted to lay-out how you can create a POP-UP OFFER THAT YOUR VISITORS CAN’T REFUSE:

1. Your Offer Should Be FREE (you’re goal is to generate MLM leads with your pop-up, not sales)

2. Your Offer Needs to Be FRESH (use words like “Brand New!”, “Just Updated”, “Just Released”, etc.). People like to have the latest greatest stuff!

3. If You Have Your Own Product (ie. Bootcamp, EBook, etc) that works best in my experience because people are always curious to see what others are doing.

4. IMPORTANT…Make Your Offer Very Targeted To Your Audience. For example, my target audience is network marketers so I’m not going to offer a free “Dog Training” book. While it might be the best dog training book in the world, it won’t generate a ton of leads from my visitors because they’re network marketers looking for “network marketing information”.

It’s pretty much that simple. Test your message to see what pulls best. As I mentioned in my previous post on “Success with Pop-Ups” that you can read HERE, I recommend setting your pop-up delay to 5 seconds (it waits 5 seconds before displaying your ad to your visitor). It’s increased my MLM Leads generation since I implemented it.

Here’s my current Pop-Up by the way:


If you’re not doing article/content marketing and would like to learn HOW to start implementing this simple strategy to start generating FREE targeted traffic and MLM leads for your business with a SIMPLE blog, you can NOW grab my 7 Day “Online Marketing Domination” eCourse for $147 FREE…JUST CLICK HERE!

MLM Leads

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