Read This Ambit Energy Review Before Joining!

A friend of mine joined Ambit Energy recently and asked my opinion of the company “after” they joined! I guess it didn’t really matter at that point! But, I  decided to check it out and wanted to share my honest, unbiased Ambit Energy Review with you so that you can make an educated decision BEFORE you join.

Ambit Energy Review Scam

What Exactly Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit is a retail electricity and natural gas provider (exciting, I know!) currently providing service in Texas, New York and Illinois. Because they are a “licensed” retail energy provider they have a certain degree of built in credibility that most network marketing companies do not. This makes Ambit, in my opinion, a legitimate MLM business. Ambit Energy is NOT a scam.

The bummer is that, since they are only licensed in 3 states it really limits the marketers’ prospect pool. On the other hand, if you know how to generate network marketing leads online, you should be able to dominate!

How Much Does Ambit Energy Cost?

The cost to join Ambit Energy as an independent marketing consultant is a one-time fee of $399. This is your cost to start your Ambit Energy business and does include your marketing or advertising costs.

Can I Make Money With Ambit Energy?

The answer is of course you can. There are plenty of people making money with Ambit but, as with most MLMs, the majority who join do not make a penny. The key is understanding that you are in business for yourself and you need to learn how to market YOUR business.

The Ambit Energy compensation plan is typical MLM with a twist. There are fast-start bonuses to encourage you to enroll at least 4 new consultants in your first 4 weeks and at least 10 in 8 weeks ($100 per enrollee), then it decreases to $50 over time. You will also receive overrides on your team-members’ recruiting efforts.

The twist is that you will receive residual commissions based on the energy usage of the customers that you sign up.

I encourage you to visit Ambit Energy Comp Plan for a complete overview.

The Management Team:

The primary 2 members of the Ambit Energy management team are the Co-Founders Jere Thompson Jr, and Chris Chambles. Both bring years of energy industry as well as network marketing experience to the table. It is also a very good sign that they proudly proclaim their association with the company as most MLM Scams typically hide their ownership in a cloud of secrecy.

Overall Opinion:

My overall opinion is that Ambit Energy is a solid company with  a real product and service, that offers an opportunity to make money to the serious home based business entrepreneur who is willing to market exclusively in TX, NY & IL and who is willing to put in the work necessary to build a successful business.