MLM Training: The Big Problem With Attraction Marketing!

MLM Training
When I first got involved in the network marketing industry in 2009, after my mortgage business sank like the Titanic, I learned a marketing strategy that I wish I knew when I was in the mortgage business called Attraction Marketing. The primary idea behind Attraction Marketing is to get prospects "chasing" you to join your business rather than you having to chase down your warm market and other uninterested prospects who run from you when they see you coming! Since I am somebody who doesn't like to chase anybody, this Attraction Marketing concept really appealed to me and I dove in head first to learn a few marketing strategies that would help me to build my brand. It is my feeling that if you set the foundation for your business…
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MLM’ers…Put Yourself & Your Brand Out There!

Network Marketing MLM General
This post strays from most of my writings. Most online sites...obviously social media sites but also advertising sites, your replicated company sites (the sites you get when you join your network marketing business), blogs, etc. all have places for you to put your picture and typically some information about yourself. At least YOUR REAL NAME! BUT, I see so many "newbies" not take advantage of the ability to brand themselves a bit and let others learn about them or at least see what they look like. You have to remember that, with all of the marketing we do online, network marketing is still a people business and "people join people". You have to put yourself out there. It's simple to do and costs nothing. I'm an Attraction Marketer and that's…
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