How To Set Up Your First AutoResponder Account (Videos)

I know that  a lot of new marketers realize that they need an auto-responder account to build a list online but have no idea how to use one or set one up. I have recorded 3 videos that will walk  you through the initial set-up process. The videos are specific to Aweber, since that's what I use, but I am sure that all of the autoresponder services are pretty similar. PART 1: Log-in and Create Your First List PART 2: Create Your New List Settings PART 3: Creating and Publishing Your Webform/Opt-In Box I hope this helps. Please comment if you like or if I have left anything out that needs clarification.
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The Basics Of How To Build Your Own Opt-In List

MLM Lead Generation, Network Marketing MLM General
It seems pretty obvious, with all the talk of "The Money's In The List" and how you need to build your own list of opt-in subscribers to survive online, but it is amazing to me how many network marketers do not do this? I'll admit that I did not when I first started out. I was just so excited and desperate to recruit people into my business that I just pitched my company replicated website. Besides, I didn't know how to build my list...I just knew that I had to! I see too many people marketing this way. I think they do it partly because they do not know how to do it any other way and partly because they do not want to spend the necessary couple of bucks…
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Opt in MLM Leads – What Are They Really Good For?

Network Marketing MLM General
Email marketing can still be a very effective means for MLM lead generation providing you are dealing with a reputable leads retailer.  Opt in MLM Leads are great for sending out small targeted email campaigns and scrubbing the "Opt in" list against your very own company specific lead capture page. The term Opt in means that the prospect has filled out a form on a website and have agreed to receive offers via about a home based business via email.  It's important to make sure that you receive an IP address and time stamp for any opt in MLM leads you decide to purchase.  If you can't get this important information from the lead retailer then you should deal with a different outfit because the leads are probably not legitimate.…
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