The Best Home Based Business For 2014…Get To $10K Per Month FAST!

Network Marketing MLM General've decided to take a look at starting a home business and are realizing that there's over 4000 "opportunities" out there to choose from. What is the Best Home Based Business for 2014 and beyond? You don't want to finally make your decision and then have the company shut down like most end up doing. Something else you need to consider when deciding on which business to select is what "business model" best fits your goals. Most people in this economy start a home based business because they want and need money NOW. There are some who are happy building a business that may produce a decent monthly income in 3-5 years but those people are the minority for sure. I'm going to attempt to narrow down your decision making…
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“Top Tier” Direct Sales Business or Traditional MLM Business?

Network Marketing MLM General
I attended a webinar last night that was hosted by Daegan Smith, on building a network marketing business. He discussed his thoughts on this topic and they really resonated with me. The points he made about choosing the right business modelĀ  for you were dead-on with the way I feel so I thought I'd share this with all of you. Which home based business model is for you? This is a question that most current or prospective network marketers do not think enough about before they get involved with a home based business opportunity. A Traditional MLM Compensation Plan is based on recruiting a "downline", building a large team, and earning residual commissions (you earn each month your downline team member renews their monthly auto-ship). The cost of entry is…
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