Take Massive Action and See Massive Results!

I was on a webinar last night that was pretty inspirational...even if the audio quality sucked! There was a 25 year old girl who had been on food stamps just 9 months ago who has made $120,000 online since getting involved in online marketing those short 9 months ago. Was she special or some super intelligent life form OR ultra charismatic - you know those people that can sell anything to anybody! I hope I don't offend her by saying that she just sounded like a regular person. In fact, her internet connection is so poor that she had to be on her phone during the webinar rather than use the webinar software. Tough for an online marketer to have poor internet but that's an obstacle she was able to…
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The Basics Of How To Build Your Own Opt-In List

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It seems pretty obvious, with all the talk of "The Money's In The List" and how you need to build your own list of opt-in subscribers to survive online, but it is amazing to me how many network marketers do not do this? I'll admit that I did not when I first started out. I was just so excited and desperate to recruit people into my business that I just pitched my company replicated website. Besides, I didn't know how to build my list...I just knew that I had to! I see too many people marketing this way. I think they do it partly because they do not know how to do it any other way and partly because they do not want to spend the necessary couple of bucks…
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