The Story Of Daegan Smith & The Maximum Leverage Scam

Have you heard of this guy, Daegan Smith? He calls himself "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead". Is Daegan Smith And Maximum Leverage A Scam? After my research, I have to answer that question with  a resounding "NO"! As with any internet marketing "Guru", you will see a ton of negative press. It's no different with Daegan Smith. I am not a member of his Inner Circle, but am investigating it for myself, so I thought I would provide you with a thorough and unbiased review of my findings regarding Daegan Smith and Maximum Leverage to determine if it's another internet scam or worth investing in. What Is Maximum Leverage? Daegan Smith's Maximum Leverage is an internet marketing training site for network marketers that he launched back in…
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Who Is Daegan Smith and What Is Maximum Leverage?

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FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED...KEEP READING! Daegan Smith is the owner and creator of Maximum Leverage, an internet marketing training site. Daegan is the self-proclaimed "The King of Never Calling A Single Lead". He is considered a network marketing "guru" and provides many free as well as paid training products to assist other network marketers to succeed in their home based businesses. As with many "gurus", he experienced many years of failure before discovering success. Daegan has a real easy and down to earth style that makes watching the videos entertaining as well as productive (since you actually pay attention)! I want to let you know that I am not a member of Daegan Smith's Inner Circle( nor have I ever purchased a product from him to date (sorry Daegan!).…
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