The Top 10 Most Influential Network Marketing Blogs 2013

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Being a network marketing blogger myself for the past 3 years, I've gotten to know or know of most of the major players in the industry. I thought it would be fun to list the top 10 network marketing blogs. This Top 10 Network Marketing Blogs list is purely subjective and meant to be a starting point if you're looking to do some research into the home business industry get some tips or marketing strategies on how to build your business. This list is really in no specific order other than which blogs came to mind first! My Top 10 Network Marketing Blogs For 2013 #1. I've known of Ray for a couple of years do to our mutual participation in My Lead System Pro. Ray provides tremendous value…
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The Art Of Getting What You Want (Day 2)

MLM Training
I'm writing this on the 2nd day of my Empower Network blogging and business building challenge. It's pretty exciting and I highly recommend participating if you're someone who's looking to take their income and business to the NExT LEVEL. Why? Because having ACCOUNTABILITY and being forced to leave your COMFORT ZONE are key aids to entrepreneurial success. Working for ourselves, we have nobody to answer to but ourselves. By being held accountable and by being given specific tasks to complete (that are proven to work) WILL take our business to new heights. That's what it's all about, right? GROWTH! LEARN TO GROW and you'll be surprised by just HOW MUCH room there is for growth! I remember when I first got started in this industry back in 2009. What a…
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Generate Free Leads With Simple Article Marketing Strategy

MLM Lead Generation, My Lead System Pro, Network Marketing MLM General
I just got finished listening to a recorded webinar in my MLSP back office about generating tons of leads daily by writing articles and blogging. This is a simple strategy to generate massive amounts of FREE leads to your business. It was presented by David Wood, who is a leader in the MLM Lead System Pro community. The wild thing about it was that he had only been using MLSP for about 2 1/2 months when he gave this presentation and was already averaging over 25 leads a day purely by using this one marketing method. I have started to use it myself and I have to tell you that it works. There's a ton of content on the webinar which ran for over 1 hour, and the information provided…
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