Video Tutorial – How To Set Up “ezArticleLink” To Generate 100s of Back Links

If you're going through the 5-part email series on SEO (if you're not but are interested in learning how you can generate free traffic and leads... CLICK HERE), you know that back-links (simply links on other sites linking "back" to your original article) are essential for ranking in the search engines - both for initially ranking high and then for the longevity of your ranking. The better your ranking, the more traffic you get! Anyway, my recommended resource for getting backlinks is ezArticleLink. Why? Because I just don't have the time or interest to undergo some major back linking campaign. Somethings you just have to pay for! And ezArticleLink is cheap (and good) as far as back linking services are concerned. The problem is it's can be very confusing to…
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EZ Article Link — Generate Unlimited Backlinks To Your Blog!

MLM Lead Generation, Productivity
A new link building system has just been launched and I'm in! It was developed by Kenneth Koh of Leads Leap fame. Kenneth really knows what's going on when it comes to optimizing your blog to generate free network marketing leads. He has just released his new program, EZ Article Link to help anyone trying to generate more traffic and leads from their blogs generate the ever elusive backlinks. To give you an idea of the power of this system, I have submitted 6 articles to EZArticleLink in the past month -- they have an in-house spinning service so you do not have to spend the time spinning your own articles -- and I have generated over 200 backlinks to this blog. Because of this, my traffic is up over…
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