Is LinkedIn PPC Advertising Worth It?

Just today, I began a LinkedIn PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign and I wanted to write this post to provide you with a marketer's perspective of my experience and to provide you with some additional details. Their advertising options can be found at LinkedIn Direct Ads ( Now, I will first say that the LinkedIn CPM is $3.00 and the minimum CPC bid is $2.00. That's a little high for most network marketers so determining if it's worth it or not is important. And, I had difficulty finding any information on Google that was written by network marketers specifically. As many of you know, I have been trying in vain to run some Facebook PPC ads. Facebook tells us right in their guidelines that they do not accept any ads…
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Facebook PPC Marketing – Learn It Now!

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The newest rage, particularly after Google's recent changes to their adwords guidelines (that I'm admittedly still trying to figure out) is Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing. There has been talk about Facebook Marketing for sometime now, but that's more  about  strategic use of the social network. Friending fellow network marketers and then subtly recruiting them into your business. That's not what I want to talk about here. Facebook now allows you to set up PPC ads, just like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and then laser target them for maximum effectiveness. I am not an expert (yet) on Facebook PPC marketing but I know enough to get results and I wanted to share what I know so far with you. Enjoy! The Ad For  those of us in network marketing…
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