Quick Market Samurai Review

I just purchased this amazing software and wanted to write a quick review of Market Samurai so that you can decide if  it's something that you are interested in. First of all, let me say that I am by no means a SEO or Keyword Research expert which I hope makes this review carry more weight. What Is Market Samurai? Plain and simple, Market Samurai is a keyword research tool. If you do any marketing online, you understand the value and necessity of keyword research. Personally, in the past I've used Wordtracker and Google but was never positive that I was doing my keyword research correctly and I would "hit" on some words and get buried on others that I was targeting. Market Samurai has taken me far beyond anything…
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5 Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Traffic is the most important thing an online network marketer must understand and utilize to be successful with their sites. If nobody sees your terrific offer, nobody will buy it! And, you must have a continuous flow of targeted traffic to earn a substantial income online. There are numerous effective ways to drive traffic to your site and most of them cost money. BUT...there are also a lot of free methods you can use to drive traffic to your website. Here are 5 of them. The five methods listed here are proven to achieve results. Just remember that, unlike when you purchase advertising, they require time and hard work to implement properly. There's a trade-off! Five Free Traffic Generation Methods 1. Make sure your website is optimized for search engines…
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Managing Information Overload for IM Beginners

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Written by Kenneth Koh, LeadsLeap. I have gone to hundreds of these types of sites but still not making money. I downloaded these free ebooks and bonuses but then what do I do with them? Frustrated.” This is a support ticket I received last week. Does this situation sound familiar to you? I’m sure it happened to you when you were a newbie. For those of you who are still going through this phase of internet marketing, I’m going to share with you my advice on managing information overload. Did you notice that I said “this phase” of internet marketing? Yes, it’s a phase that every newbie will go through. Some survived through this phase. Some are defeated. Ok, here are my tips on managing information overload: 1) Information Overload…
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