MLM Training: Does Postcard Marketing Still Work?

MLM Training
In this MLM Training post, I'm going to talk about an "oldschool" home business marketing strategy. Those of you who have been in the industry, particularly the top tier side of the industry, have probably used this strategy successfully over the years. That strategy is Postcard Marketing. But the question is "Does Postcard Marketing Still Work?". It does if you do it right and it works really well! Think about this... how many postcards do you receive for home based businesses? Probably not many. I have honestly received less than 5 since getting into this business back in 2009. The scarcity of people who are actually using this strategy is one of the BIGGEST reasons that it works. Probably the reason that most people do not use a postcard marketing…
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How To Make Money With Postcard Marketing

Want to learn how to get 3-5% returns from good, old-fashioned PostCard Marketing? If you've ever wondered... "Does Postcard Marketing Still Work?" why not grab your free 5-Figures Per Month with Simple Postcard Marketing Guide! In this 21 page manual, Rod Stinson lays out step-by-step exactly how he still earns 5-Figures per month mailing out cheap postcards and how you can too! Just click on the download button for your free copy. Save the pdf to your computer. That's it...Enjoy!
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