Recruit Leaders To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

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I attended an online webinar last week and wanted to share with you some of the insights that I took away from it that I found to be glaringly true yet probably ignored by most network marketers... The "old-school" approach to building a network marketing or MLM business is to contact and "sell" to your warm-market. Family and friends and close business associates. This approach works well to bring in distributors because they already know and trust you. The problem with this recruiting approach is that, generally speaking, your friends and family are not driven sales people and marketers. They like the idea of being able to make gobs of money in a home-based business but do not have the slightest idea how to do it and do not have…
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Newbie’s Guide To Marketing Your Network Marketing Business

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To Be Successful In Network Marketing...You Must Recruit Other People Into Your Business... SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? As a follow-up to the article I wrote yesterday The Basics Of How To Build Your Own Opt-In List, I thought I would write about some basic marketing strategies that the brand new or struggling network marketer can use right away to start generating leads. It is my experience, and an unfortunate part of our business, that many people just do not and will not recruit. I've heard that the average network marketer will recruit 2.3 people. We all know that's not enough! The reason for this, I believe, is two-fold: #1. Many people are lazy and do not want to work or #2. Many people have absolutely no idea how to market…
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