Promote Your Pyxism Business For Maximum Income

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Hi. If you're reading this you are either already in Pyxism or are considering joining and want to know how to promote it. It'll be very similar to promoting any of the other discount travel club programs out there...TVI Express, Dream Style Vacation Club, Royal Cruise Matrix, and Global Resorts Network (although GRN costs much more). There is a lot of competition for these programs. Discount Travel Clubs are some of the 10 best home based business programs right now and with good reason. Everyone likes to travel (53% of all internet seraches are travel related) and especially when you can travel in style for pennies on the dollar!  TVI has over 200,000 members worldwide already and is still growing. The others have about 5000 or so members and growing.…
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Generate Laser Targeted Network Marketing Leads for Your TVI Express Business

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TVI Express is a very popular discount travel home based business. According to TVI, there are over 400,000 members and growing and the business opportunity has already created over 60 millionaires in India alone. The compensation plan for TVI is a company forced 2x3 matrix. This type of compensation plan has been around in network marketing for years and is extremely popular today. The top board, when you cycle, pays a whopping $10,000! There are a few issues that I have heard about TVI, from friends of mine who are in it. One is that the boards split and your team can become fragmented. This causes teams to really not work very closely together so you are basically on your own. Another is the fact that nobody seems to know…
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Is Pyxism the Next TVI?

Network Marketing Business Reviews, Pyxism
I've been researching the latest discount vacation club program that is set to launch mid-December in an effort to determine if it is a viable long-term business or will people be saying "PYX who" in 6 months? I take my network marketing business very seriously and am looking to add a potential big in.come to the mix. Let's see.. The Pyxism Business Opportunity -- Is it Legitimate? Pyxism is a U.S.-based company, built on achieving success with integrity, ethics, and values, and operated by a team of dedicated professionals working together toward a common goal: commitment to win-win strategies for their Member's long-term success and our company's sustainable future. That sounds great but... I researched the owner of the company, Lloyd Wilson. No offense to the 21 year olds…
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