The 10 Best Home Based Business Opportunites

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As you may or not be aware, starting a home based business is all the rage right now. With the economy in the tank and unemployment numbers at near record highs and companies still either laying off or shutting the doors outright, it has become imperative for people to take control of their careers. The days of working for the same employer for your entire career have been gone for sometime, and now the days of working for someone else are slowly disappearing as well.

There are over 1 million people a day going online to see if they can start making money with a 10 best home based business. Some people are lookng to just make a few hundred bucks a month to provide some extra spending money and others are looking to replace their full-time income working on the internet. With the internet now available to billions of people world-wide, the opportunities to make substantial money working from home in one of the 10 best home based businesses or many lesser known businesses are very real.

Network marketing, MLM, or Direct Sales companies are the primary businesses available online to would-be internet entrepreneurs. This market offers tremendous opportunity but, at the same time, much confusion. How do you differentiate the best 10 home based business from the scams? This is extremely difficult, even for veterans of the industry. Then, you need to decide if you want to join an old-style MLM (Multi-Leve Marketing) company or a Direct Sales (G.P.T.) company. Both of which can offer “10 Best Home Based Business” potential.

Traditional MLM, companies such as Amway, Mark Kay, Avon, and many more offer inexpensive products for their sales force to sell. This is also done traditionally through house parties or face-to-face sales. Certainly, this business can also be run onine. To make a substantial income with MLM, you will need to recruit a massive sales-force from which you will earn commissions on their product sales as well as your own. We’re talking $1-10, which is why you need to have a large downline. Thousands of people under you since many will quit within the first 90 days so constant recruiting is one of the requirements of the job. These opportunities are typically inexpensive to join, which makes them very popular.

There are also Direct Sales companies which can be considered top 10 home-based business opportunities. Companies such as YourNetBiz, Carbon Copy Pro, Global Resorts Network. The list is extensive. With these businesses, your cost to join is generally higher — a few thousand in most cases — but you make a large commission on each sale. Many less sales are required and much less recruiting is required to generate a six-figure plus annual income. And, you can make money much faster in a direct sales business than a traditional MLM business.

My feeling is this. It would be completely subjective of me to just list the top 10 best home based business opportunies and tell you that’s it. Those who do are doing a disservice in my opinion. It is better for the business opportunity seeker to do their own research as there are many viable businesses out there. It is considered better to look for businesses that have been around for at least 2 years, but it can also be financially rewarding to get into a new company early.

No matter what business you decide to join, it will be imperative to generate leads. The lead generation system that I use is proven, and is used by all of the successful online marketers to earn six and even seven figure incomes from their internet business. To take a look at my exact system that will explode any business you join…

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