The Power Of Visualization In Network Marketing

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power-of-visualizationLast night I decided to whip out some of my old “mind-set” books that I have, since I’m coming off of a kind of lazy month last month and want to re-energize myself and my business. Not that I lost motivation but I lost some focus. The 2 that I started flipping through are both “oldies but goodies”…

Norman Vincent Peale’s (he actually lived in my hometown) “The Positive Principle Today” (his follow-up to “The Power Of Positive Thinking”) which was published in 1976 and Tony Robbin’s “Awaken The Giant Within” published in 1991. While both are old, they are by no means outdated.

It was late when I grabbed the books so I just read a few pages from each and both sent me the same message…


Most of us who get involved in network marketing “WANT” the same thing…Time Freedom and Financial Freedom. SO why do most never achieve that goal? I truly think it’s because most people honestly don’t believe that they can. Why? Because we get beaten down by life and have become accustomed to a life where our time isn’t our own and finances are tight and we really can’t imagine anything else. Negative thoughts permeate our consciousness (not a good thing btw!).

I’ve used Visualization ever since I can remember. I used it for my golf game this winter when I couldn’t play and hit the ball the best I have in years my first time out last week (I still need to work more on my “putting visualization though!). I used it (unknowingly) when I got involved in network marketing. I only expected success and the idea of “failing” in this industry not only wasn’t an option but it wasn’t even a thought (even though some told me I was nuts!).


Norman Vincent Peale said to “activate imagination to image successful outcomes”. Imagine yourself buying a new car, a new house, taking a vacation – whatever it is that motivates you (paying your credit card bill on time doesn’t count!). Think BIG and do this consistently. The mind is very powerful. Now, this does mean to just be a dreamer. To just say “I’d really like to live in a nicer house” but then turn on the TV! The follow-up to Visualization is to “Energize” your images. Basically, take action. Take MASSIVE action and do whatever it takes in order to make your imagination become reality.

I’ve really never had a sponsor that’s mentored me at all. I just took massive action and figured out how to get things done (thank you, Google!). Don’t wait for everything to be handed to you. If something’s not working right or going well, find out why and fix it. We’re all entrepreneurs. While most are willing to help, at the end of the day it’s your income and your life and your dreams.

Never lose sight of your goals. Follow your dreams. Visualize specific success images. Take massive action.

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2 thoughts on “The Power Of Visualization In Network Marketing

  1. So much of this business, and success in general, is visualization and mindset. Good luck with everything, Hina, and thanks for the comment!

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