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The Secrets To Making Money With a Home Business (Part 1)


laptop beach bungalowI decided to write a series of articles on making money from home with a home business because over 98% of the people who start a home based business are NOT anywhere near successful and it definitely shouldn’t be that high of a percentage. I want to share my thoughts and experiences to hopefully help you to avoid some of mistakes that I made OR to at least get you on the right track.

I’m specifically talking about making money with a network marketing type business. These are the most common types of businesses that people get started with and this is the industry that I am in so I can help. I’m going to cover some “barriers to success” in no specific order. These are reasons that cause people to fail and I’ll share some advice on breaking through these barriers and hopefully get you on your way to the success you desire!

Barrier To Success #1: Failure To Implement

This is a big one. This industry has a ton of training courses and live webinars and “training” is a big money industry within our industry. People are starved for information since most of us do not come into this industry knowing how to market and recruit people. The issue is that most of the information taught in those training courses end up collecting dust and the tips and strategies are only ever put into practice by few (less than 5%). It’s those few who end up doing well or at least making positive progress with their business.

I’ve always been a person that implements what I learn right away, even if I don’t understand all of it or can execute it exactly right. I believe that implementation… ie. Taking Action … is a BIG KEY to success. For example, one of the things that I always recommend new people do is record a YouTube video with the idea of targeting people searching for their company or product. From my experience, very few if any will ever get a video up on Youtube – which is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST sources for targeted online traffic.

Barrier To Success #2: Failure To Drive Traffic

When you hear the term “traffic”, that simply means people looking at your website or however else you present your business opportunity. Most marketing is playing a numbers game and the majority of people NEVER generate enough traffic to make much money. If you don’t have AT LEAST 5 people per day looking at your business opportunity, your chances of success are very slim.

For example, let’s say that your lead capture page (we’ll talk about online marketing tools in a bit) converts at 10%. That means that if 100 people who are looking for a home based business look at your capture page, 10 will opt-in (enter their name and email) to get more information. Then, of those 10 who look, statistically less than 1 of them will actually join your business. Figure somewhere around 5% of the leads you generate will join. That means that you’ll need to generate 100 leads to sign up 5 people. So that means, to generate 100 leads you’ll need to get 1000 people to look at your capture page. These are very general numbers but hopefully you get the point! How much traffic are you generating to your website?

Barrier To Success #3: Not Having The Necessary Tools

The vast majority of people in the home business industry want to market online yet do not ever do it correctly. Online marketing is very complicated and it can be confusing as well. There is definitely a learning curve to being able to do it successfully and to be able to compete with the other people who know what they’re doing.

IF you plan to market online and make money, you absolutely MUST be marketing a lead capture page (a website that asks people to enter their name & email address to get more information) that is linked to your autoresponder. This is how you BUILD A LIST. Everyone who is successfully marketing their business online is building list in this way. If you’re not, you need to be. It’s essential for online success.

Thanks for reading! In the next article I’ll cover a few more barriers that may be holding you back and we’ll talk about ways to turn things around for you! Leave your comments with questions.

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