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nerium-reviewI was approached recently about a pretty new MLM company and wanted to provide my faithful readers with an unbiased Nerium Review, since I am not a distributor for the company. Many MLM reviews you find online are written by distributors of the company as a way to get you to join them. You don’t have to worry about that here! I’m just going to lay out the fact so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

Nerium Review: Who Are They?

Nerium is an MLM company based in Addison, Texas and was founded by successful network marketer Jeff Olson. Jeff’s most recent MLM that he was involved in was a little company called Pre-Paid Legal. The products marketed are the NeriumAD skincare line. The company website states that the unique properties of Nerium oleander plant provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line. So, if you want to look younger, this might be the company for you!

As a guy, I would personally have a hard time promoting a skin care product. That being said, there are a lot of men (and women) who made a fortune in NuSkin back in the day so don’t let that hold you back if it doesn’t bother you!

How Do You Make Money?

This part of my Nerium Review will cover the compensation plan and see how you can make money as a distributor.

The compensation plan is a unilevel. You can build unlimited width in your organization and get paid 10 levels deep. I think this is a good plan for real builders but you still need to find people as motivated as you or you’ll never see the real money. They have fast start bonuses, a Lexus car bonus, vacations. The whole enchilada really. Lifestyle bonuses, on top of straight commissions, are important to keep a motivated sales team.

You can get started with Nerium for either $99.95, 499.95 or $999.95. If it’s like most MLMs, you’ll want to start at either the $499.95 or $999.95 level to have the opportunity to max out the compensation plan. Autoships vary as well, but you’ll want to have an autoship of at least $100 per month if you’re serious about building your business.

I notice that the majority of people joining MLMs always make the wrong choice and start their business at the lowest levels possible. This just makes earning any decent income virtually impossible. You need to step up if you want to make the money.

Nerium International Review Summary

To summarize this Nerium Review, I’d say that I’m pretty impressed with the company website, the product, and compensation plan. I definitely think that, if you can build a team of motivated people, you can definitely earn a very good residual income. Just remember that recruiting is the name of the game!

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  • josie

    Statistically speaking, NWM has created more Millionaires than any other industry. As someone who has reached the top of two MLMs (a very rare feat).
    I know the games that these companies play: changing comp plans, fabricated success stories, unpatented products which can be duplicated by others, poor leadership, poor vision for long term growth.
    Nerium Products are backed by Science, Leadership is second to none, More $ distributed to field than any other MLM in history. Only company that “Gives Back” – Inventory replacement program replenishes your inventory. For every cust. on auto delivery (which can be changed, suspended or cancelled at any time) Nerium will send you a FREE bottle for you to sell or sample.
    Sept. 2015 issue of INC Magazine has Nerium rated #1 for their products. Sales for Nerium are breaking every recored in the history of MLM.
    Nerium’s system allows people to trial the product for 5-7 days, compare before and after pictures. Product sells itself!!! 30-6-90 day use will provide good-better-great results. friends and family constantly ask what are you using.
    1:4 who try Nerium, buy it. 1:10 become BPs (distributors)
    Any MLM requires WORK and willingness to learn and grow. MLM is NOT for Everyone. Every company has successful and failed people while using and promoting the same product, payed on the same comp plan. ***NOTE: Beware of MLMs that PAY people to join (not a level playing field for all who join).

    The variable is YOU.

  • Anne Marie Arrington

    Hi Steve! I joined the Nerium Co. as a Brand partner after only using the products for 3 days because I did see such great results on my neck area and the two reps for Nerium at the party I attended were 48 and 49 years old! I could not believe it as they both looked as if they were in their late 20s!!! I have been using the products for almost 4 months now and I CAN see a difference!! I am very pleased with the results! However, I am off to a slow start with my business as I have been traveling quiet a bit but hopefully that will change. Having the products sold on ebay is a major drawback but I guess everyone wants anything they purchase as cheap as they can purchase it. Marie

  • Sonya

    Neirum Review:

    I have been using this product for over a month. I had such high hopes. I really wanted it to work. After using the product for over month, I have noticed NOTHING! I wish that I could give it a good review, but I cannot tell a lie. The product is expensive and I do not want anyone to be ill-advised. I purchased both the day and the night cream. I have used it diligently. Once again, I see no results. Thank goodness that I did not sign up for auto-ship. Also, the product smells very offensive. I would say that it smells a lot like soured laundry. I had to be honest! If anyone out there knows of something that REALLY works, please advise! Thank you.

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  • Corinne

    Thanks Steve for the You Tube Video that led me to your review. First 7 nights, and only from the before and after pics, did I notice a difference. I use Nerium about 3x a week and the difference is remarkable. Thanks.. I’m moving forward on this.

  • Gina Ghafari

    Hey Steve
    Thank you for yet another great review.
    I agree with Jeffrey, your advice about considering what level you join is great and very logic.
    You are so right about
    “You need to step up if you want to make the money”

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”
    Gina Ghafari´s last blog post ..How To Brand A Company IIII

  • Thanks, Jeffrey. It never ceases to amaze me how people consistently join at the lowest level yet are expecting to earn the BIG money!

  • It seems so, Rodney. I had never heard of it before but there are a lot of reviews on it already! It seems like ownership understands marketing which is really one of the major keys to success for MLMs. You can have the greatest product in the world but if you can’t market it, the company won’t go anywhere.

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