TiDom & Prosperity Nexus Team Review – $284K!

Tidom & Prosperity Nexus Team Review

I’ve been working in the Top Tier direct sales industry since 2011 and have grown a LOT over the years in terms of my knowledge of marketing and ALSO how to run a team.

One thing I do know is that selling digital information licensing like we do with TiDom is the way to go. High profit margins and no stocking inventory or worrying about paying a monthly autoship!

Tidom’s 1-Up compensation plan has been around for 25 years for a reason…. IT WORKS! It’s simple, you get paid BIG commissions up front so you can live on them, PLUS there’s a residual component so you don’t have to make ALL the sales yourself.

Most important for my evolution as someone who runs a marketing team is putting Lead Generation Systems in place so that anyone who joins will be able to generate leads right away without a HUGE learning curve. Just pick up the phone and order your advertising. It’s really that easy!

We’re excited to have an AWESOME 2017 and hope to have you join us. Watch our most recent webinar (click below) if you can’t make the LIVE one and then give me a call. I’m happy to answer your questions and help get you started on your way to a 6 Figure+++ Income in your first 12 months!

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Watch Our Recent Webinar
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