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top 10 network marketing blogs
Being a network marketing blogger myself for the past 3 years, I’ve gotten to know or know of most of the major players in the industry. I thought it would be fun to list the top 10 network marketing blogs. This Top 10 Network Marketing Blogs list is purely subjective and meant to be a starting point if you’re looking to do some research into the home business industry get some tips or marketing strategies on how to build your business. This list is really in no specific order other than which blogs came to mind first!

My Top 10 Network Marketing Blogs For 2013

#1. I’ve known of Ray for a couple of years do to our mutual participation in My Lead System Pro. Ray provides tremendous value to his readers on both marketing strategies and mindset. He’s an extremely successful MLM’er. He’s the top earner in his primary company making somewhere over $500k per year. His blog is one of the most widely read network marketing blogs on the net.

#2. Rob is also a member of My Lead System Pro and I’ve been aware of him and his work for a few years as well. He generates tons of leads and does it primarily through search engine optimization and his blog. His blog is one of the most widely read network marketing blogs and Rob is a tremendous trainer on a variety of strategies including blogging and article marketing.

#3. Eric Worre has been a top earner in the MLM/Home Based Business industry for a long time and his blog has become extremely popular. He’s known for doing videos daily for his followers on both business building and motivation/mindset. Definitely worth checking out!

#4. Tracy Walker is the owner and creator of this blog. You have to love the title although I’m not sure it’s true lol! Tracy is a big player in the industry and a leader in her companies. She been successful with social media among other marketing strategies.

#5. This is the blog of Michelle and Bill Pescosolido (I can’t say their last name but I can spell it!). Again, I know of both Michelle and Bill’s awesome success and terrific training styles from my membership in MLSP. They are leaders in both MLSP as well as their primary company. I know that Michelle builds her business primarily through Facebook – mostly paid facebook ads. They are 6 figure earners in the home business industry so their blog is definitely worth checking out.

#6. I’ve known April Tucker for probably almost 3 years now. She’s a very hard worker and is a tremendous trainer. She teaches on a variety of different marketing tactics, focused on Social Media, to help marketers both new and old build their business. She’s also a very good recruiter in her primary company. Definitely worth stopping over at her blog to have look!

#7. Ty Tribble’s blog is one of the first that I discovered when I first came online back in 2009. He drives a ton of search engine traffic which helps him to build his uber-successful MLM business. He also has created courses all centered around building your MLM business. He’s been around the industry for a long time and I recommend you head over to his blog to learn more!

#8. David Wood, one of the founders of Empower Network, is the first guy who taught me about article marketing and driving free organic search engine traffic to my blog. I had never done blogging before or even heard about article marketing but he did a training webinar that explained everything and got me off and running (article marketing is still a main strategy for me). I’ve also seen his business evolve over the years from someone who was becoming successful to someone who is ridiculously successful now and still growing.

#9. I’ve followed James’ blog from afar for the past few years. He’s a former mortgage broker like myself (although he’s from the UK) who re-invented himself as a laptop entrepreneur and has become very successful. His approach is a down-to-earth one and he shares good nuggets of information that will help any home business owner build their business.

#10. I think I purchased a product from Michael Dunlap, the owner of and have been on his list for some time. He gets a ton of traffic and shares tips and strategies for getting more traffic to your blog. He also sells products that help bloggers/article marketers to grow their business and get more traffic. It appears that he also has guest bloggers on his site that share valuable insights. If you’re a blogger or would-be blogger, I recommend you check it out.

Well, there you have it. My Top 10 Most Influential Network Marketing Blogs for 2013. Like I mentioned, it’s completely subjective and not in any particular order. I hope this will help to open your eyes to some of the great work being done by our home business industry colleagues and will maybe motivate you to expand your business this year.Please let me know if you feel I’ve left any out. If you have a blog in the network marketing niche, feel free to link back to it in the comments.

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