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U-Economy Scam Review – From an Industry Leader Who Did NOT Join!

U-Economy Review/Scam

U-Economy is a brand new “MLM disguised as Top Tier” business by program owner Peter Wolfing. Peter is a successful program owner and his businesses generally gain traction in the marketplace so i felt the need to set the record straight and provide this UNBIASED UECONOMY REVIEW (I’m not in the business) so you don’t get blindsided later!


No, I do not think that U-Economy is a scam. I do think that you may be mislead by reps who may tell you can make a LOT more money that you realistically can based on the join levels and what I know about online business seekers.

The biggest problem I see with U-Economy is that , yes there are high commission levels ($1,500 – $50,000) that are appealing but there are also TINY commission levels ($25 – $500) and guess where most people will join? …

The $25 Level OF COURSE! You will need to recruit a bazillion (is that a real number?) people to make any money! There’s also a $49.95 monthly fee that gets paid out 12 levels deep. If that doesn’t scream MLM I don’t know what does.


If you like MLM’s and have a very large circle of influence and have already demonstrated that you can recruit 10-20 people every month, then this program may be for you.

But if you’re like the rest of us (the 99.7%) who can’t consistently recruit massive numbers but still want to make 6 figures working from home, I invite you to watch my team’s recent webinar. You can register below.¬†We make 6 figures and don’t have to recruit an army to do so!

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