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Club SeaBreeze Review Scam

Unbiased Club SeaBreeze Review

There’s another new 2×2 matrix program in the discount travel niche that just launched on April 2, 2010 called Club Seabreeze. It looks pretty interesting and I’m sure many of you are researching this new business as a potential home based business, so I wanted to provide you with my honest review. I will break my review down into ownership, product & cost, compensation, summary.

  • Club SeaBreeze Ownership: This is a very important consideration when you are thinking about joining a “start-up” business because that’s pretty much all you have to go on. The owner of Club Seabreeze is Kelly Williams. Kelly has been marketing online for many years and CSB is his first venture as a program owner. I actually attended a few webinars that Kelly and his son Jake were holding during the pre-launch phase and also did some research on Kelly. He appears to be a stand-up guy and was a good program promoter when in other programs, including TVI Express, which he has left due to their apparent legitimacy issues which led to his decision to launch his own program. I believe that his intentions are pure and time will tell how Kelly does as an owner. For this reason alone, I do not believe that in the least that Club Seabreeze is a scam.
  • Club SeaBreeze Product & Cost: Club Seabreeze actually has 2 products, a travel club membership which costs $337 to join as an associate (plus an annual fee of $29.97 for the replicated website and back-office) or $397 to just purchase the travel club membership but not the business opportunity. They also have an interactive online financial management program for $19.97 per month. Due to our current economic issues, the financial program is a good idea. Plus, financial services was Kelly Williams’ former industry so he has experience in this area which is a positive.
  • Club SeaBreeze Compensation: Club SeaBreeze has a potentially lucrative compensation plan based on a 2×2 matrix, but with a unique twist. Like most 2×2’s, you will need to make 2 sales to become “qualified” to earn commissions. These sales can come from retail sales or business associate sales. You will receive $60 for each retail sale you make. When you cycle your 2×2 matrix, you will receive $500 and when each of your direct referrals cycles you will receive $250. That’s a nice override and really encourages teamwork. There is also a monthly leadership bonus pool and a uni-level monthly residual that can come into play if you building a big team. and
  • Summary: Club Seabreeze appears to me to be a legitimate home based business opportunity, albeit a brand new one so you can expect some growing pains. Ownership appears to have good intentions, the product is a good one, the compensation plan appears to be pretty lucrative potentially if you can recruit. Do not be fooled by the recruiting pitch of “just recruit 2 people and then help them recruit 2 people and so on…”. This is very misleading and used by many network marketing companies and will work in a perfect world. But, since that doesn’t exist and most network marketers who join will not recruit their 2 people, you need to be prepared to work and learn to generate a consistent daily flow of leads to your business if you expect to make the money that certainly is there for the taking.

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  • No, I don’t think that Club SeaBreeze is a pyramid scam Lana. I’m not sure how you took that from my review? I’m personally not involved with CSB but know a few people who are and know the story behind the Williams’ family who owns the business and it’s legit from everything I know and have heard.

  • Kyron

    Hello Steve,

    We really appreciate and enjoy your unbiased review of Club Sea Breeze. We feel that you have accurately represented our company. As a side note, Kelly’s son is named Jake Williams (rather than Jason). We feel that we have a superior product and compensation program, as you well know. Thank you again.

    CSB Support

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