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Unbiased Review Of High Ticket Income System – Don’t Join Yet!

high ticket income system review scamThere’s another new mid-ticket business on the home business scene that I’ve noticed is drawing interest from people who are/were marketing Big Profit System so I wanted to set the record straight and write this quick unbiased (I’m NOT in the program) HIGH TICKET INCOME SYSTEM REVIEW.



High Ticket Income System is owned by DPS Marketing Group LLC out of Pottstown, PA (I went to college in Scranton, PA not too far away). They’ve owned a few other online programs in the past that I won’t bother discussing here.

High Ticket Income System Review:

The pitch for this program is pretty simple. Pay $1000 (plus a one-time $100 admin fee) to get started AND all you need to do is advertise. The company’s sales coaches will do all the selling for you. You’ll receive $500 for every personal sale you make and you’ll also receive $500 for every sale your personal referrals make. These are small commissions considering you won’t get much from your referrals (hey, this is just the way it is in the home business world – about 20% of the people you bring in will make at least 1 sale). The sales video shows how you can making $50,000 a month but that’s just not realistic with a program that pays out $500 commissions.


The website says that you’ll get more than 50 training courses and management coaching programs to help accelerate digital businesses of all sizes. They give you the edge by delivering the latest thinking in internet marketing in today’s market. Trainings range all the way down to how to build a website. I don’t have an issue with digital products because I market them in my business and digital products provide the highest profit margins in the industry. We’re in business to make money, right?

Is High Ticket Income System a Scam?

I do NOT think that High Ticket Income System is a scam. I work in this space personally and am completely comfortable with the business model. The bigger question is HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE? Because the reality is that you’re not going to make more than a few sales a month IF you are diligent about your marketing and the commission is capped at $500 per sale. It’s a good “part time” commission but not a great commission if you want to make the BIG BUCKS.

I view High Ticket Income System as a starter program. If you want a better start up program that pays out the full $1000, you can CHECK THIS OUT

BUT… if you you’re looking to make a 6 figure or multi 6-figure income, you need BIGGER commissions. That’s just a fact unless you’re some expert marketing guru!

High Ticket Income System Review Summary

The key to success online, from my experience, is to not give in to the hype and continue to jump on every new program that pops up. You’ll just end up frustrated and with less money than when you started! The way to make money in this industry is to have a killer sales funnel, lead generate systems that work, a team environment and coaching and support to help you reach your goals. My team runs LIVE webinars and team meetings so you’ll feel a part of a community and have all the resources at your disposal to be successful. Check out our next LIVE WEBINAR to see what I mean: CLICK TO REGISTER

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