How To Use Sub-Domains To Stay Organized

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When you get involved in the home biz industry, you end up having a LOT of websites. Something you’re probably not used to. How can you remember all of them? If you’re like me, you have at least 1 capture page, a sales page, a sign up page link, maybe a different link for your program’s comp plan and products and more. It can get extremely confusing!

While I consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to the techie thing, I’m not a “geek” and admittedly don’t know everything! I just learned how to use sub-domains about 2 weeks ago and they really are simple and will make your online life much easier. I used to buy new domains for everything but figured why not keep the money in our pockets rather than GoDaddy, right! Enjoy!

This video is for my personal team BUT the technique works no matter what program you’re promoting or product you’re selling:

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