Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?

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Hey friends, are you making at least $50K per year from your home based business? If not…Why Not? I’m not asking if you’re making $100K, or $500K. Just $50K.

My experience has proven to me that most people struggle with building MLMs. You hear and read about the people who are killing it and making $50 – $100K PER MONTH in their MLM, so you know it’s possible but this is not the reality for 99.4% of the network marketing industry. The facts tell us that only 0.6% of all network marketers ever have ONE 5-Figure Month…EVER! Most make a few hundred per month at best. Why?

There are a few primary reasons for this, and a lot of it has to do with people just not taking their businesses seriously and quitting. But that’s not what I want to talk about today (Click To Read About The Network Marketing Failure Rate).


The #1 major reason that most networkers “fail” to earn a FULL-TIME income working from home is because they JOIN THE WRONG PROGRAMS!

Many are afraid to spend much money because they are already worried about failing and “throwing away money” so they end up joining MLMs with monthly autoships that cost anywhere from $25 – $150 per month (these are actually expensive businesses if you add up the annual cost but the upfront cost is low). The problem with these home businesses is that they pay a small amount for every sign up. The upfront commissions are low because the compensation plans are back-loaded to payout the big bucks after you’ve built a team of 100s or 1000s of distributors. The vast majority of marketers never grow organizations that big. They don’t even come close! Most make either nothing or very little after trying to recruit their friends and family and end up quitting. They’ve thrown their money away and now have a bad taste in their mouth.


The majority of network marketers, if they are looking for more than just a hobby, should bypass MLMs (at least initially) and look at the Direct Sales/Top-Tier model. Why? Because these businesses pay large upfront commissions IMMEDIATELY that allow people to live off of the income from their efforts right away. I’ll admit, it took me about 9 months to realize this but I’m never looking back! I needed to be able to pay my bills and I knew that I did not have a large enough list or sphere of influence to rapidly build an MLM.

I’m in an MLM, that I am building alongside my Top-Tier businesses, and am having a blast because I don’t have the pressure to rapidly build it. My direct sales businesses allow me to live the HOME BASED BUSINESS LIFESTYLE. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I make $1.50 when I enroll someone into my MLM (now granted I make $1.50 when others on my team enroll someone as well but you cannot depend on duplication!) and $1000 when I enroll someone into my primary program. That’s what I’m talking about!

The fact is this…it’s the same amount of effort to enroll someone into a $70/month program as it is to enroll someone into a $1500 business. I do recommend building an MLM, but to do it on the side, to try to build a leveraged and passive residual income. I know that this goes against what many of the gurus preach, but this message is meant for the masses. For the people who either cannot or do not have the time to recruit a massive army of MLM distributors. AND, for the people who are struggling right now in this economy and NEED to have EXTRA INCOME today…not in 2015.

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