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FGCU-BasketballThe concept and implementation of the proper MINDSET is essential for success as an entrepreneur and network marketing success. You must always believe that YOU CAN.

Just this past weekend, something that’s never been done in college basketball was achieved by a school called Florida Gulf Coast University. I have to admit, and I have a son going through the college selection process right now, that I had never heard of this school before. What did they do? They were selected to play in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament and were given a 15 seed (out of 16) which basically meant that they didn’t stand a chance.

Usually, a school that’s a 15 seed is just “happy to be there”. They are usually small schools who have no chance of winning the game against the higher seeded BIG basketball programs. BUT, the Florida Gulf Coast team and coaches weren’t there just to show up and weren’t just happy to be there. They were there to win, even if NOBODY but them believed that they could.

So, they went out on Friday against the #2 seeded Georgetown team who was considered to be a real threat to win the whole tournament. I’m sure the kids at Georgetown had never heard of Florida Gulf Coast before the brackets came out and they saw who their first opponent would be (I’ll bet they smiled too!). I’m sure you know by now but they won that game against Georgetown, shocking the country and causing many people (my son included) to rip up their brackets after only the second day!

Then, yesterday they went up against a supposedly superior San Diego State team and beat them too becoming the first #15 seed to ever make the Sweet 16 in the 75 year history of the tournament. How about those odds! With odds like that stacked against them, they probably shouldn’t have shown up. But they did and they defied the odds!

Entrepreneurs everyday plod forward despite the odds being stacked against them. They say that only 10% of new businesses survive past 3 years. That doesn’t stop us from striving to make a better life for ourselves and our families. The idea of personal and financial freedom is too powerful to hold us down!

Don’t ever think that you CAN’T! When things seem impossible, work harder. Learn more. Implement new things. Try new strategies. Anything is possible as long as you believe it is!

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