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YouTube Sucks! Why You Need To Host Your Own Videos

YouTubeI just had my YouTube “temporarily suspended” for 2 weeks due to some bogus violation and need to vent! Here’s the email that I received from our friends at YouTube…


The issue I have is that I didn’t break any of their guidelines. The video in question was about 1 minute long and was directing people to visit my blog to read my review on the Cash Tracking System. The video didn’t really say anything. I know that the reason it got flagged is because I was getting a good amount of traffic to that video and a lot of comments and people were fighting among each other about the viability and legality of that program. The video was over a year old so I know it was the comments that ended up getting my account temporarily suspended.

What kills me is I see videos with people blatantly promoting their businesses and flashing money (which is definitely against YouTube’s guidelines). The vast majority of my videos are training and marketing strategy “how-to” videos. I purposely don’t promote with my videos because I did have another account shut down 2 years ago.

How about the almost-porn videos and other “freedom of expression” type stuff that probably make up 50% of YouTube but apparently they’re OK because they get a ton of views?

This is exactly why I host my own videos (capture page videos and anything I think might violate YouTube’s guidelines) with Amazon S3. The hosting is free to a certain level – I have at least 20 videos hosted with Amazon and have never paid a penny. The quality is better and more professional anyway. Host your own videos so you don’t have to deal with YouTube’s BS 🙂

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